What we have here is a band who writes sublime AOR, full of little nuances and splashes of colour. It sounds a million times better than their debut; with songs to match anything that album gave us. Just superb. This is quite possibly the album of the year.


My Promo copy of the new AOK album arrived in my Inbox earlier… Album…Of…The…Year… That is all.


Slick, sophisticated AOR the likes of which aren’t so easy to come by….It’s a travesty that it never happened for Angels Or Kings back in their infancy. Had they gained the record contract they desired all those years ago and continued to produce music of this standard, they would be spoken about in the same revered tones normally reserved for the likes of FM, Dare and Magnum – of that I have no doubt.


If you’re already a fan of Angels Or Kings then ‘Go Ask The Moon’ is one of the biggest no-brainers of this or any other year; and if you’re a fan of AOR and not dipped your toe in yet to the velvet soaked tunes of Messers Bell, Kenny and Jackson, then get your arse into gear and buy this wonderful album. I stated a few months back that The Defiants was the melodic rock album of 2016 – Well, I was wrong! Angels Or Kings have come up with an album that would fit perfectly in any fans collection from the past, present or future.
Score 99/100.


Go Ask the Moon’ seamlessly pick up the batten from where ‘Kings Of Nowhere’ left off, it is just a wonderful piece of work. Highlight of the album? Well each track really, there are no hiding places or fillers on this one.
Rating: 9.5/10


‘Go Ask The Moon’ is an excellent album, and one which demonstrates that melodic rock, and especially that being produced here in the United Kingdom, is a genre which once again is in the ascendancy. As long as bands such as AOK continue to combine experience and enthusiasm to produce material of this strength and quality, then it’s not only in very safe hands but also has a very healthy outlook for the future.

Mark Ashby  UBER ROCK

This album we have here is a true diamond, both due to the compositions of the tracks and their performances! This work truly shines above the rest. We’re talking about a truly impressive album, definitely among the top 10 of 2016 for me. As for the score, a 10/10 will not suffice yet it is the maximum I can give it – as such, I will do what colleges do and give it a 10/10 with honors.

George “Snaki” Karatzas  BEROCK RADIO

Angels Or Kings sound just a tad different compared to the majority of the A.O.R. bands around…the continuous high quality level is in my opinion the true strength of this album. With this ‘Go Ask The Moon’ Angels Or Kings show to be no ephemera and they are living proof that the future of the British A.O.R. scene is very well secured.


Angels Or Kings have firmly established themselves as a ‘must listen’ in the melodic rock world. If you enjoyed their debut you will love this and an album you can’t stop playing


This is one of the great albums for this 2016.. If AOK had been lucky that was so elusive them back in the eighties, maybe today would be talking about this album with the reverence with which we often speak of incontestable classics.


ANGELS OR KINGS continue with their second album, exactly where they left off on their debut. Honest, earthy, powerful melodic rock, with every band member playing their strengths fully. So “Go ask the Moon” should definitely be an album that can not be missed in any Melodic Rock collection.


The essence of melody: 5 stars !!!ANGELS OR KINGS is now part of the great English melodic groups with extraordinary aplomb throughout Go Ask The Moon, an excellent end to end, without break or tear. Great art, ANGELS OR KINGS delivers a muscular sometimes melodic music as we like and the most beautiful way! Awesome !!!


For those who have enjoyed the previous Kings Of Nowhere, this come-back of the Angels Or Kings is an absolute must.


The songs are examples of great songwriting and the performance of the musicians are flawless. So is even the production and arrangements.









Many a band might have tried, but they never reached quite the same level Angels Or Kings are at with their infectiously catchy, keyboard-laden AOR hooks (“Ice Turned To Rain”) and soaring, semi-acoustic power ballads (“Real Life”). Kings Of Nowhere is a perfect representative of its respective genre, full of synth-driven rock anthems, sumptuous lead guitar work and monstrous choruses that are simply catchy-to-the-utmost. Released just in time to become one of the best melodic rock/AOR albums of 2014, it’s thus highly recommended.


To create a successful melodic rock album, there are certain boxes that need to be ticked. Memorable choruses, lively keys, a great lead vocalist, big vocal harmonies and nice guitar solos are essentials of the genre. This may all sound like a formula, but what Angels Or Kings deliver is far from formulaic – they bring all of these elements together to produce classy, well-written and very polished AOR / melodic rock.

James Bushnell The Metal Observer

If you love this genre and love well crafted little nuggets of gold, then look no further than “Kings Of Nowhere”, easily among the best AOR albums of 2014 (and I dare to say the decade). Superb songs, excellent production, classy playin’ n’ singin’… you’ll will love this. An album that if released in 1988 would be a classic these days… well, never it’s too late, “Kings Of Nowhere” is destined to be a classic in years to come.


It’s a little over twenty years since they called it a day the first time, but now these ‘kings of nowhere’ are here to stay and it’s time for the Kings to rise to the top. They’ve loved and lost along the way but that’s really only just put some grit under the fingernails, enabling them now to provide an album that is both honest and real. This is British song writing at its absolute best.”

Rob Evans Classic Rock AOR & Powerplay

Kings Of Nowhere is the quintessentially perfect British AOR album – and then some. This is an album that oozes class and sophistication from every pore.

Art Heeks Fireworks Magazine

After 30 years this superb band pull it out of the fire. Like a fine wine or single malt whisky, Kings Of Nowhere has been worth wait.

Paul Nicholls Firebrand Radio

Kings Of Nowhere is an album that is defined by a number of classic hard rock influences from the late 80’s skilfully blended together with up to the minute production. The cherry on top of this particular cake is a singer whose voice is as distinctive as it is powerful, who adds a cutting edge to the songs many bands just don’t have.

Rob Birtley Firebrand Magazine

The twelve tracks on the album are all prime examples of lovely melodic rock songs and they all remain interesting even after many listens.  Songs like ‘Any Other Girl’, ‘Real Life’, ‘Same Star’ and ‘A Harder Place’ are all examples of great melodic rock songs which clearly show that this talented band has been unfairly ignored but nevertheless, finally this outfit has brought their debut album to market that that will definitely please the fans of high-quality melodic rock. Lovely album!

Lords of metal.nl

The band can rock out with the best of the and have not settled for soft ballad led tracks alone. It’s the combination of the rockers and the ballads that keep pushing comparisons to Foreigner. It’s just a shame it’s taken twenty plus years to find that winning combination as Angels or Kings have it in spades. Other highlights include ‘A Harder Place’ which again reaffirms a band that that has maintained song writing skills all this time and just needed the push to pull it all together and get it out there to the masses. A great release, one that needs to be heard and for lovers of Foreigner and other bands of that era, you’ll be very very happy indeed.

Adrian Hextall MyGlobalMind Webzine

If you love melodic rock and love well crafted little nuggets of gold then look no further than ‘Kings of Nowhere’. Best AOR album of 2014 bar none. Fuck! I’m almost tempted to offer a money back guarantee myself, I’m that convinced you’ll love it. If you don’t then you’re completely deaf! Superb songs, excellent production, and an album that sits firmly amongst the best AOR albums this side of 1985. Score 98/100.


ANGELS OR KINGS are faithful to the crown and are dedicated to the vintage melodic sensation (“Real Life” / ”If Her Tears Could Talk”), a bunch of pilgrims ready to reach the pinnacle of AOR skys (“Someone To Save Me”) and they should be celebrated as true heroes, fearless knights singing in the holy tone of the true Melodic Rock (“A Night Like This”) …The purists will adore this offer!


An album of AOR pure class. The kind of record that usually only the American big hitters from the 80s can produce. Angels or Kings have managed to take the elements we love from the best era of rock and develop it into something that is totally relevant for now. I could go through each song and, to be honest, the waxing lyrical would make you puke. Jut know that you need this in your collection. You only have until 27th October until you can get your copy but, trust me, the wait is worth it. Get it pre-ordered. NOW!

David Wilson – RockZone.co.uk

They’ve built on foundations laid by the likes of FM and Journey, crafting 12 of the finest songs you’ll hear this year. They are the peoles band and deserve your utmost attention.

Rob Evans Classic Rock AOR & Powerplay


Rob Evans and AOR Underground have been a long standing champion of the band and we have featured heavily in demo reviews and tips for future greatness as well as some great comedy banter! Here are the edited highlights from the round up of 2013 and thoughts for 2014. Thanks once again to Rob for his support. The full list of all the categories and nominations can be viewed at www.facebook.com/Aorunderground

If Her Tears Could Talk

“Having secured the opening slot at this year’s Firefest, the boys from Bury have caused a bit of a flutter in the world of AOR. Their debut album is forthcoming and promises to be nothing short of AOR perfection. Anything less will see Tony Bell burn his beloved Kiss collection and Rob Naylor (the Amos Brierley of AOR) go straight”.

“That Angels Or Kings will not only release a stunning debut, they will steal the weekend at Firefest. Either that or they’ll just rob everybody blind.”


Having submitted the first of our demos with our new singer we waited nervously to see what would come back – we needn’t have worried! The good folk at Classic Rock are just as complimentary as before – maybe more so! Here’s what they had to say….”With a synth intro straight from Van Halens 1984, it’s good to see that the boys from Angels Or Kings have lost none of their panache. Introducing their new singer Barrie Jackson on the pulsing new toon “If Her Tears Could Talk”, it sees them in fine form. Hailing from the Dales of Yorkshire (more like New York-shire, judging by the sound of that voice) Jackson lends the band an edge that sets them even further apart from their rivals. The boys are back in town. New singer, new songs, new trousers please!”Once again we are in their debt. Thanks Rob Evans and Classic Rock!


Made the Awards again! AOR Underground have just published the prestigious awards for anything and everything from last year and the thoughts and predictions for the year to follow. After last years haul we weren’t expecting to repeat the success but once again we have been mentioned in several categories…..We are starting to keep some impressive company in these awards! After winning it outright last year, we are more than happy to make the top three in Demo Of The Year for our latest hot off the press tunes “If Her Tears Could Talk’ and “The Same Star”. Another award for the second year running is in the category Brightest Hopes For 2013 with the words “Still plugging away with some very tasty demos from last year, the Angels are currently getting their heads down writing their debut album. In the right producer’s hands, this band will be amazing”. Finally, another mention in the Predictions category that last year tipped us to get a deal in 2012 (good things come to those who wait…) that 2013 will see us release one of the best albums of the year! Here’s hoping….

POWERPLAY Issue 145 August 2012

The boys from Angels Or Kings continue to build on their promising start with two new quality slices of AOR. I have to say that even in their infancy these songs sound absolutely huge. They may be rough around the edges but as songs go, these demos are up there with the best that this year has had to offer so far. They’ve gone all-out to deliver on the AOR front and achieved their goal with considerable ease. The seriously catchy “Just Another Lost Boy” is their finest song to date, replete with keys, memorable chorus and and a great vocal performance. With “Same Old Love” bringing up the rear admirably, it would seem that Angels Or Kings have all the right ingredients to take on the world…..



The top five bands in this list should have deals; it’s as simple as that. It’s no secret that Diamond Dawn have signed with a major AOR label and that Titan and Bulletrain are being sniffed around, but my moneys on the boys from the “Chatsworth Estate”, that’s Angels Or Kings to me and you, to deliver an album that’ll end up as a timeless classic. That’s why they’re number one.


When the dust settles on the year that was 2011 there will only be a handful of bands that deserve to be elevated to the next stage of the game. Hailing from Manchester, the boys from Angels Or Kings delivered a demo that was full of rough charm, appealing songs and an attitude that screamed “sign me!” They are currently in the process of recording more songs and hopefully 2012 will turn out to be their year…


Angels Or Kings also nominated for Real Life in Songs Of The Year as well as Brightest Hopes For 2012.


AOR Edition 4 October 2011

“Now called Angels Or Kings, these eighties shoulda-been-massive underground sensations have reformed and recorded an impressive four track demo. A new vocalist has joined the core original members Rob Naylor, Steve Kenny, and Tony Bell on a demo that certainly upholds that fine A.O.K. tradition of quality songwriting. These days there’s an almost earthier, organic feel to their sound but without losing any of their melody, as demo-opener Any Other Girl proves. The demo may be raw, but the quality is certainly there.

AOR Underground


AOR Edition 4 September 2011

“The most trouser-exploding moment this month would have to be the news that cult AORsters A.O.K. have reformed. Now going by the name of Angels Or Kings, they’ve just cut a four-track demo that oozes potential. They’ve got the raw, earthy feel of Kiss Of The Gypsy and No Sweat, combined with the AOR of FM. In the song Any Other Girl they have an AOR anthem that will bring grown men to their knees while Real Life should have Myles Kennedy begging to sing on it. These songs need a proper release and it’ll be my mission to make sure they get one!

Rob Evans